Tele-Law in ASPIRATIONAL Districts

Tele-Law in ASPIRATIONAL Districts

About Expansion of Tele-Law Programme in 115 Aspirational Districts – Based on the wide response garnered in the pilot states and the urgency for the common man to receive legal advice as first step towards access to justice, Tele-Law is one of the key programme of Department of Justice that has also been flagged as a part of 100 days programme of the newly constituted Government of India. In continuation, it is now aimed to expand the Tele-Law programme to the 115 Aspirational Districts across 28 states that are earmarked as pockets of under-development. These 115 Districts have been described as Aspirational rather than backward so that they are viewed as islands of hope and opportunity rather than areas of distress and hopelessness. The Aspirational Districts programme are being measured on the indices of education, health and nutrition, agriculture and water resources, financial inclusion, basic infrastructure and skills.

Aspiring to fulfil the Government commitment of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaash, Sabka Vishwas there is a need to amalgamate “Sabka Nyaya” as a fourth pillar to empowerment and development in the country. In this regard Department of Justice could act as a force multiplier on the desired outcomes in these Aspirational districts. Working towards strengthening free legal aid in India, the Tele-Law programme would cover 28,060 CSCs in 115 Aspirational Districts across 28 States in cooperation with National Legal Service Authority (NALSA), State / District Legal Service Authority and CSC e- Governance Service Limited. To ensure that this service is effectively used 28060, Tele-Law Para legal volunteers from within the communities would be engaged to act as bridge to connect the beneficiary with the Panel Lawyer.

VLE/PLV covered-

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