Overview of Tele-Law

Department of Justice has partnered with NALSA and CSC e-Governance Service India Limited for mainstreaming legal aid to the marginalised communities through Common Services Center (CSC).

Tele-Law means the use of communications and information technology for the delivery of legal information and advice. This e-interaction between lawyers and people would be through the video-conferencing infrastructure available at the CSCs.

The concept of Tele-Law is to facilitate delivery of legal advice through a panel of lawyers stationed at the state Legal Services Authorities (SALSA) and CSC. The project initiates to connect citizens with lawyers through video conferencing facilities by the Para-Legal Volunteers stationed at identified 75,000 panchayat.

Tele-Law service to be covered by 75,000 CSCs across 28 states and 8 UTs of India, through video conferencing / Telephone.

Preferably women para legal volunteers to be identified and empowered. They would be engaged in CSCs for enabling access to legal aid for rural citizens.

Tele-Law model will facilitate legal advice through expert panel of lawyers placed at CSCs and Legal Services Authorities.